Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thunderstorms,Rain and all the good things imbetween.

Okay so today was just you normal average hot 90 degree day up in my little town. I was stiing in a nice bath of cold water as it was humid and hot, (REALLY DIS LIKE DAYS LIKE TODAY), and out of nowere this rain starts pouring down, I mean pouring, and we have a good few booms and craks and pop's, as I finish my tub (a nice claw foot one to be exact) I relise all the windows are open and it's just pouring and the smell of rain is just coming in and filling my sweet nose. So after running around closing all the windows I step out onto our portch to watch the storm as i usally do. I got to see a good few lightning bolts and I jumped like a little school girl at a few sounds of thunder.........don't judge me >.<. So after a while it dise down and I retire to the living room for a good nap (lasted a good four hours at that) so I wake up and it's sunny out (thats what I get for living in Maine) so I am now sitting here computere at hand waiting for my besty to call at anymoment(I hope) Well to love to you all Peace!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Okay people tonight my plans are to snuggel up under a blanket and hopefully go to growing pains lasnight and i slept unwell, lol i could go on and on and on and on and on about how much it, still learning how this site works then again it took me a week to learn how to work picnik and so NIGHT PPL ^_^


Okay so I guess I am welcoming myself to blogger....-gives a big oll pat on the back- So blogger here I com and watch out because you have a new star on here who is willing to make mistaskes and not be sorry ^_^ well happy blogging to you all ^_^